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Thank you for your interest in my project. Below you’ll find a list of important links, previous research, and previous reporting on the topic I covered. You’ll also find links to the written version of my research, as well as a map I generated as part of this project.

DRA AZ Projection Map

Important Links

Arizona Resources
Independent Redistricting Commission
Constitution on Independent Redistricting
Voter Registration and Historical Election Data

Data Resources
Harvard Dataverse Precinct-Level Election Results
U.S. Census 2018 National and State Population Estimates

Court Cases
Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission
Harris v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission

Redistricting Applications
Dave’s Redistricting

Previous Research

America needs a bigger house,” New York Times
The Atlas of Redistricting,” FiveThirtyEight
Gerrymandering: Arizona is a national model for fairness, but still faces criticism,” Arizona Republic
Independently Drawn Districts Have Proved to Be More Competitive,” New York Times
Redistricting in Arizona” In Reapportionment and Redistricting in the West.

Upcoming Issues Regarding Redistricting in Arizona

Arizona may gain 10th congressional seat, analysis says,” Arizona Daily Star
Dems fire first salvo in 2021 redistricting fight,” Arizona Mirror
Democrats cry foul, say Ducey is stacking commission that helps pick Arizona’s top judges and others,” Arizona Republic
Revamp of Arizona panel that guards against gerrymandering is one step from ballot,” Arizona Republic
Supreme Court Bars Challenges to Partisan Gerrymandering,” New York Times
These are the roadblocks to the Democrats’ big voting rights bill,” Washington Post
Trump abandons fight to put citizenship question on census, says he can get data from existing records,” NBC News

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